WordPress Performance Optimization Tips

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I noticed, there are thousands of search about wordpress performance optimization and wordpress speed tweaks tips . There is no doubt, wordpress is one of the best fastest growing , Powerful Content management system. There are plenty of methods for optimize wordpress performance using unique Plugins,server optimization strategies or even we can play using .htaccess as well.Today, i’m gonna write some quick WP hacks and simple DIY tips for optimizing your wordpress application.

DIY – WordPress Performance Optimization Tips

IMPORTANT – before you do anything:

  1. Create full root backup or use updraft or backupbuddy for create Automated backup
  2. backup your htacess,wp-content files to your local host
  3. Check file system and permission , current site speed test results, #Layout structure,etc

Recommended WP Performance Analysis / Benchmark Tools:

  • Google Speed Test
  • GTMetrix
  • Pingdom Tools
  • Buidwith
  • P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

Recommended WP Server Config:

  • Static file on HDD or SAN ,
  • Mysql on SSD Minimum 1GB RAM ( Recommended 8Gb Ram)
  • Combine apache for ngix or Litespeed or choose Varnish cache ( Varnish recommended) for better cache management
  • Enable necessary PHP cache addons and disable unnecessary open Php addons
  • Use CDN ( MaxCDN recommended), Google DNS ( if possible) or Even CloudFlare with Railgun

Recommended Plugins for Performance :

  • W3 Total Cache
  • WP Super Cache
  • WP Optimize
  • Quick Cache
  • Autoptimize

Recommended Wp Config Tweaks / Settings:

  • Set/increase PHP memory minimum 64MB via wp-config.php
  • Specify or disable Post revision value
  • Specify Empty Trash value
  • Enable Automatic Database Optimizing or configuue WP optimize
  • Save DB Queries for input Analysis
  • Redirect Nonexistent blogs/links
  • Use HTTPS redirection via ( Global+WP config) or use https plugin
  • Enable the cache
  • Edit Auto Save Interval
  • Edit/Change default WP table prefix
  • Edit/Change WP cron job value

Manual Tweaks:

  • Use CDN for better speed ( MaxCDN integrated with W3TC)
  • Minify JS,CSS,HTML via W3TC or WP super cache settings
  • Merge all Javascript on Footer section
  • Avoid metatag webmaster verification method and use file upload
  • Set etag and Expire headers
  • Repair and optimize Mysql via phpmyadmin or use WP Optimize
  • Reduce External HTTP request and host/import/ server external CSS,contents using CDN
  • Enable Gzip and Compress JS,CSS
  • Optimize Images using Smush IT
  • analyze Broken links using Xenu Link Sleuth
  • Fix W3C Errors for better Crawling / user Experience
  • Check responsive and make it right
  • Remove inactive Plugins and Keep your Core WP and plugins update.

Note: There are more optimization methods available, However it’s all depends on your server configuration, Theme architecture, plugins,etc! Got WP ? Then it’s time to give power to your site. Post your benchmark results here, will give you my feedback.

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0 on October 6, 2014

This is a really short and comprehensive DIY WordPress SEO. I bet it will be a savior for many here. Get a print out of this folks.

I also read a great post on WordPress SEO – give it a read if you guys like.

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1 on October 7, 2014

Thanks, Yes, WordPress SEO blogpost written by Adam, He explained everything one by one with brief instructions.

on October 7, 2014

Thanks for your kind words. I would love to hear that again and again from you guys. Well, there are plenty of things to discuss as SEO is a huge topic. I like the concept of discussion. It will help the newbies to acquire new tips. I see you are coming everyday with some improvements and so I am glad to be the part of this organization.

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