Why is pronunciation important to the speaking in English?

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2 on September 11, 2018

Each and every person pronunciations are the change. Because they are speaking English but pronunciation is different. Why?

Suddenly, We unable to understand the word because of pronunciations but we know the words

How to identify the pronunciation correct method?
How to use the that?

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1 on September 14, 2018

Essential question! To a non-native English speaker, the pronunciation is major and tuff part in spoken English. Mostly, improper pronunciation leads to a negative impression, inefficient communication, and misunderstanding. Here, I would like to share some hints which can improve your pronunciation:

  • Read English song lyrics while listening to the song.
  • Download app on your phone which can improve your pronunciation. ( Ex: Hello English)
  • Watch BBC news, there you can get to know the proper pronunciation.
  • In the dictionary, you can see the pronunciation below each word.

However, practice makes a man perfect so try to talk in English, it would lead to proper pronunciation 🙂

on September 14, 2018

Well, Explanation and the tips 🙂  Thank you 

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