Why does “Snapchat” grow so fast?

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Snapchat is one of the social platforms. Most of the people like to use this because of these features.

1. Network Applications / Communication Applications – Most viral products are those that have increasing value as most of their friends use. Typical examples are FB, LinkedIn but even more extreme, as purely viral products are communication tools such as phone, text message, or email, which are virtually nil, without at least 1 other person using them. Products such as these face a huge challenge to do something addictive enough to be used in high frequency among friends, but if they are able to do so, they can create almost undesirable effects on the network.

2. Reduced friction – Photo sharing is one of the most common everyday behaviors of smartphone users. Creating Private and Exploiting Photos Snapchat reduced friction or hesitation to share it as a) you are more likely to share a silly photo and send more per day if it is not in FB and b) you are more likely to send something a little uncomfortable (whatever that means to you) if it’s going to disappear. In addition, the UI is a screen that makes it extremely easy and fast to send a photo or video right now

3. Stickiness – the snapchat’s extinct snapshot feature makes every incoming failure. There are many games that have been using this technique for years to bring users back, but the splendor of snapchat is that it is baked in the product itself.

4. Fun – by creating a product that requires many features already made by users but packing them together SnapChat has created a fun, unique and unique brand. Being able to send a photo, draw on it and add text make it more addictive.

5. Mobile and app rank – it’s hard to see or build a development strategy around a single mobile product. The best chance is to create a great product that uses mouth-to-mouth, has a great design, low trigger barrier (simple) and some form of viability built-in (an easy way to invite phone contacts or social networking). But once you reach a fairly wide audience, it appears at the top of the charts in the app ranking adding more fuel to your mobile development.

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