Why Crawl Error happening?

Updated on September 27, 2019 in General Discussion
3 on September 7, 2019

What are the reasons for Crawl Error happening, how can I correct the error. if you know about that please share your thoughts here.

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2 on September 9, 2019

Before we talk about this, I wanna clarify one-thing from your end? Are you able to understand the meaning of Crawl Errors? once you cleared, we can go for the next question.

on September 24, 2019

Yeah , I understand What is Crawl Error, search engine bot try to visit every page of your website but fails at it. But I don’t have any ideas what are the reasons for the Crawl Error happening. can you explain that?

on September 27, 2019

Okay, Great! Le me explain you why crawl errors happening, There are two main reasons to happening to the crawl errors, 

  • Site errors: Site errors are including all the crawl errors that are related to your entire site. if you are getting any site errors on your Google search console, you need to know what kind of site errors you are getting.

             – DNS Errors
             – Server errors
             – Robots failure

  • URL errors: Googlebot is unable to access a specific URL not your overall site.

                    – Like 404 errors

You can find out the Crawl errors status on new Google Search Console, these errors are reported on a URL-by-URL basis in the Index Coverage section.

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