Which is the Best OS for Penetration Testing Kali Linux or Parrot Security OS?

Updated on November 7, 2019 in Technology
0 on November 7, 2019

Hello guys,

Accourting to my analysis I come to conclusion both are best OS for penetration testing  because,

 ✑Both can be used for penetration testing.
 ✑Both operating systems support 32 bit and 64 bit.
 ✑Both have Cloud VPN.
 ✑Based on Debian development standards.
 ✑It comes with pre-installed weapons of hacking tools.
 ✑Both operating systems support embedded and IoT devices

But the kali Linux takes more than specifications parrot OS. But still, I have more Doubt about this topic. if any relevant person here please let me know which is the best and which is easy to use.

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