Which is more important Bounce Rate or Exit Rate?

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I would know the difference between bounce & exit rate in google analytics and which one is we want to give more impotence. Can you help me to understand?

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#Sharuka, Both are helpful to identify where are lacking in our business. It always depends on other factors that you have to check before you take any action.

Let me explain the difference between bounce rate and exit rate.

Bounce Rate:

Bounce rate is the percentage of people who landed on the page and immediately left on that page.Which means when a visitor comes on your web page and exits immediately or after some time without visit any other page.

We need to create the first impression and keyword optimization for that website. Then only we can reduce the bounce.

Exit Rate:

Exit rate is based on the percentage of people who leave your website via that particular page.

I hope you can understand it clearly. If you need more clarifications, Please let me know.

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