What is the most important ranking factors for youtube SEO?

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Hello Guys,

Nowadays youtube SEO is most important to businesses. So what are the important ranking factors we need to focus? So guys if you have any idea about youtube SEO please share with me.

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Yes you’re correct, Nowadays every business owners are focusing on the youtube SEO, Here I’ve mentioned some ranking factors to get the better result on the youtube SEO.

  • Select the right keyword: You can choose your niche keyword through the youtube suggestions keyword. And use your keywords on title, description & tag 
  • Video watching time
  • Use the short title (50characters) and add the crazy words in your titles 
  • Optimize your channel, Get more than 1,000 subscriptions 
  • Create a quality video 
  • Create the Thumbnail and annotations feature for videos
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Hello Jayanthan,

Combining Youtube in your SEO strategy is not vain it because it can actually reach your marketing, create your presence and generate traffic drives to your website. This will help high ranking in both Youtube results and Google SERPs.The Youtube resulting page is very similar to Google’s’ SERP ads and paid advertisements to appear organic results.

First of all you have to follow some important marketing strategies.

  • Pick your channel with brand name and vanity URL
  • Select the right keywords and target country
  • Describe your channel and add links
  • Link to your website(Improve your reach by associating your website in your channel)
  • Optimize your channel homepage
  • Promote your channel to your community

The Youtube SEO ranking factors?

Meta data

It means your video titles,description and tags. Place your keywords beginning of your video titles and add youryour website URL in video description.

Add quality Video

YouTube offers HD videos in its search results to offer a best user experience.

Social media.

promote your content by sharing on your social platforms

closed captions to videos and Subtitles

Those are crawlable by search engines to rank your content.


it helps to increase your brand authority and engagement, which can lead to more subscribers, shares and views.

If you need more information you can ask.

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