What is the crawl anomaly?

Updated on April 20, 2019 in Google
3 on March 21, 2019

Hi guys,

When I check search console I saw this error. Anyone, please explain to me is this fatal error or not?

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1 on March 25, 2019

Hello Suraif,

The same problem I got my client as well and I have gone for the research. Based on my intermediate research, Actually when Google bot crawling your website or particular web page, if it found the 4xx and 5xx errors links they are counting them on crawl anomaly sections. 

A 5xx error means that something has gone wrong with a website’s server that prevented it from fulfilling your request. In this case, something with your server prevented Google from loading the page. The page failed to load in some way. It couldn’t be crawled/indexed. In particular, Google may not have been able to load enough resources to render the page. It can be abstract things like the headless browser run out of memory trying to render the page!

Here, I mentioned my client domain:

Example 5xx: https://www.glamira.co.uk/kids-bracelet/carat-0.50,0.51/

Example 5xx: https://www.glamira.co.uk/pearl/585-red-gold/smoky-quartz/

Example 4xx: https://www.glamira.co.uk/valentines-day-gifts/green-tourmaline/

And the research is going on I will keep and update you more info after my research.

on April 20, 2019

Hi ,

Thank you for your explanation. Now I’m clear after reading your answer, Please let me know if your research is complete.

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0 on March 25, 2019


I’ve also analyzed this crawl anomaly. when I search in google, their webmasters also said the 5xx and 4xx server error. earlier I didn’t get the point. Now I’m clear. Thanks for your clear explanation.

In order to fix these issues, we need to consider the website performance right?

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