What is Most Important in Life?

Updated on June 10, 2019 in General Discussion
3 on June 7, 2019

Well! For me, the most important thing in life is ‘the way you feel about yourself.’ This is a small sentence, but with numerous implications.

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2 on June 8, 2019

Hello Justin,
Good question,Many things are important in our life, but first The most important thing in our life our parents. because We are the ones who introduced us to this world, so we should never forget them and never give up.

on June 8, 2019

Hello Thushyanthini!
You are correct Thushyanthini because our parents Sacrifice to us. anyone can’t do sacrifice like as parents. parents are the best gift for every child. In my opinion, Our most important is our parents. Nothing else is important.
We do not give up our parents for any matter.

on June 10, 2019

Yes Thusyanthini and Kuberaga
Your Points are 100% Correct. Parents are Most Important thing in our life. thanks for your points.

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