What are the lessons do you learn too late in life?

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In my life experience, I learn many lessons in our life through our experiences or other experiences. But some lesson we learned too late. What are the lessons do you learn too late in life?

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Hello Susi!
I learned many lessons but here few I want to share.

  • There are no wrong person in the world. all of us are having so called good person and bad person and start judging others. So We don’t judge others and We don’t try to find the perfect person. because here don’t have perfect persons. every persons has only one bad habit.
  • I don’t take anyone or any situation for granted.
  • My Success is temporary.
  • Comparing myself with others makes I weak instead of motivating.
  • Learning is infinitive
  • I stop my wasting time on a who doesn’t deserve my attention.
  • My words might kill someone. Now, I stoped that, First I think before I will tell any word.
  • I am responsible for my success So I will try to make my success.
  • Time waits for no one.
  • Nobody else can give me their wisdom. I want to improve my wisdom in myown way.
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Hello Susi
I learn too late in My life Advance Level Studies’s Important. Now I’m Realizes  that Important.

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