What are the Important factors of linux and windows?

Updated on July 26, 2019 in General Discussion
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Here I am pointing out some of the major differences between Linux and Microsoft Windows. You can’t do these things on Windows.

1. You can download the source for Linux.
2. You can install the updates without rebooting your machine.
3. You can plug devices in without downloading drivers.
4. You can run Linux from pen drive, memory card.
5. You can run Linux on almost any hardware.
6. You can run Linux for years without rebooting your machine.
7. You can update all software with a single command
8. You can move hard drive from one Linux machine to another.
9. You can install software without worrying about viruses and malware.
10. You can customize quite literally anything like themes, taskbars, etc.

So this is the uniqueness of using Linux as your primary operating system.

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