What are the factors that increase website Bounce Rate?

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Website bounce rate can sometimes be a barrier to website improvement. How can the bounce rate be reduced in such cases?

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Good question, Let me explain to you what are the factors that increase website Bounce Rate for a website or webpage:

  • Slow Page Load Time
  • No Call to Action
  • Misleading Titles
  • Poor formatting or visually unappealing content (ex: no paragraph breaks)
  • Not setting external links to open in a new tab/window.
  • Soft 404s or empty pages/out of stock pages
  • Poorly designed interstitials or popups
  • Poor mobile experience / Your Website Isn’t Responsive

Do you know What’s a Good Bounce Rate? if you haven’t any idea, feel free to contact me 🙂

on August 3, 2019

Thank you for your response. could you please tell me How can I identify my website have or not those factors?

on August 3, 2019

Before we talk about this you need to know What’s a Good Bounce Rate, then only you can understand easily. Through Google Analytics, we can check how many percentages bounce rate we are getting like highest, an average or low. let me tell you What’s a Good Bounce Rate.

80%+ is very bad
70 – 80% is poor
50 – 70% is average
30 – 50% is excellent
20% or below is like a tracking code error (due to the duplicate GA tracking code, incorrect implementation of events tracking, third-party addons such as live-chat).

Look at the below snapshot and see an average bounce rate by industry:

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