Tips to be safe on social media

Updated on October 2, 2019 in General Discussion
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Social media consist of several types of security problems which can threaten our privacy. It is always better to take measures to be safe on these social media sites before anything happens. Here the most important things you need to do while handling a social media account.

01. Use strong passwords – consist of lowercase, numbers,symbols, character and uppercase.
02. Never click uncheckered link – Your account can get hacked by some malicious links.
03. Search yourself – It is better to search google and check your profile as others see it on social medias.
04. Never share Too much Information – It can save you from identity the left.
05. Customize your privacy option – It is best to set up your own privacy limits to ensure your control.
06.Don’t trust – To avoid unknown/falsify contacts you have to verify that account before adding.
07.Use different password for each accounts.

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