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About Tumblr –

Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website founded by David Karp in 2007 and owned by Verizon Media. It’s has 464 Million different blog but Most of Tumblr users is in Malasiya.

Features of

1. Publish the videos
2. Post the own stories
3. Article sharing
4. Publish the links
5. Sharing dumb jokes
6. Post deep stuff
7. Publish TV shows
8. # option

Activity and Engagement

through the Tumblr we can follow our people and share anything here.
If we increase the followers, our post get engage.
In the right corner we can see the users, so we can easly follow them.
We can chat with our friend.
We can create New blog.

If your post will reach and engage, you should follow this ponits-

1. Comment others post
2. Tell your own stories
3. When you publish your blog, try to use the images/videos
4. Follow people,like and re-blog
5. Use # because thriough # user will find you easly

At the moment tumblr is not first level in social networking platform. but In future I’ll reach Because the platform designed by user friendly. Here I’ve shared my experiment results about If you have any further clarification,ask to me.I will clear your doubts about this.

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