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Hello, Everyone, I like to share about website Reg: “Xperiment for Social Sharing“. I explain my Xperiment details about the



    • Founder is Andrew Torba and this website
      Launched about August 15, 2016

    • Available in the English language

    • is a competitor to this site

    • Target audience is conservative, libertarian, nationalist and also far-right or alt-right users.

    • We can publish any pornography images, pornography content and hate speech, That’s a reason about this site got popular.

    • Comparing the this site has more than 300 million users in


    • We can use Gmail ID to create an account and also We can use Gmail ID to changing the Password.

    • Don’t need the phone number for the account creation and password change time

    • You may use the Services only if you are 13 years or older.


    • August 2017, Gab was banned by Google and the company removed the app from the Google Play store for violating the company’s hate speech policy. Now, Gab is focusing on fixing this issue.

How can we share our Social Sharing work on this site:-

    • If you created an account in this site, first you want to increase followers and engage to the website.

    • We can publish the post easily like

    • When writing a post, users can post and add the hashtag up to 3,000 characters of plain text, with the first 300 appearing in the timeline and an option to read the rest.

    • We can share any category post on this site.

    • has a 60 number of groups Eg:- Science, News, Humor, Cooking, etc…. So, If you want to get engagement, You need to publish the post on the relevant category.

    • We can get an approval link to click the post time button.

Thank you for reading my “Social Sharing Site Experiment –” details. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. I’ll Answer you.

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