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These rules are made in best interest for the organization of this forum. We have no intentions to be rude to any member of the forums by the rules and guidelines mentioned below.

1. Only post here if you are an existing client or you want to avail our services.
2. English in the only accepted language here (Posts in any other languages will be deleted).
3. Please refrain from using any abusive terms or anything that others might find offensive.
4. We do not encourage Adult / Offensive / Illegal / Copy-right Material content so all posts with offensive images or words that relate to such things will be purged.
5. If you wish to Introduce your products here, you may create separate posts in this section but the below criterion’s must be met:

    • You should be the direct owner of the products or services that you share (No affiliate products allowed)

    • Your posts should have a clear purpose of Introduction with all necessary details and by no means should you aim to divert or force people to use your services through the posts.

    • No Adult Content / Offensive / Illegal / Copy-write Material Content

    • If any links are used, those links should in no manner be intended to divert traffic to your website for the use of obtaining any personal information of the members.

    • Please use Google Url Shortener for huge external links (https://goo.gl/)

    •  You can post here if you would like certain changes to the exiting service packages of Extreme-SEO Internet Solution.

6. Please use the following #TAGS in the title of your threads if:

    • #NEWPRODUCT – For introducing a new product that you haven’t introduced before’
    • #MODIFYPACK – For suggesting modifications to the existing services of Extreme SEO

7. This is not a help-desk so if you need any help with your project or if you need any kind of pre-sale support please get in touch with support.extreme-seo.com

Any kind of infraction of the above rules will be dealt with strictly as rules are only broken to disturb the peaceful vibe of the forum. We apologies to everyone if we have been rude in making these rules but we assure you that these are only put into effect keeping the best interest of our Customers in mind.

Date : 4/7/2014

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Very concise guidelines, I wonder why no one has acknowledged it in such a long time.

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