Ranking Higher on Google With On-Page SEO

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The Blue Oceans Group shares their on-page SEO tips to ranking higher on Google. They shared ways to optimize your website using on-page SEO Factors.

The checklist contains the following elements:

  • Content length
  • Sentence length
  • Flesch reading ease
  • Sub-heading distribution
  • Keywords

Learn more in the below infographics.


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1 on July 16, 2020


it’s really useful one, but we can get a hints from this infographic and need to dig deeper when it comes to each factor. I’m just familiar with on-page SEO, So if you need any help please ask me without hesitation 🙂

on July 20, 2020

Yes, the above infographic just gave us a checklist, for further information, we need to go for deep research. At the moment I’m not into on-page SEO. If I need any assistance in the future, sure, I’ll reach you out. Thank You.

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0 on July 25, 2020

If optimized properly, page ranking factors will have a significant impact on the ranking ability of the page. The biggest page factors that affect search engine rankings are:

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