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Hello Friends,

Are you interested to learn about “New ways to approach SEO in 2019”? I’m ready to present with you regarding this topic. If you have any doubt, please race your questions.

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Will you please explain 2018 SEO masthead and what is the major change in 2019 SEO masthead

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I would like to explain to you about “New ways to approach SEO in 2019”

As per search engine land, In 2019 Every market to understand of an audience, go beyond the click and find ways to through the mini data. Marketers will conceder technology as well because it’s growing well like an AI technology. 

The way consumer asks for information is changing, 74% shopper reports, text search only insufficient to find out their needs. Nowadays, Customer’s demand and needs are rich.

Here are some important trends you need to know in 2019

  • Understand of audience experiences and intent
  • Go Beyond Google Search
  • Use AI and machine learning to mine data, improving efficiency and scale
  • Web site’s content
  • Increase Authority based on Google’s algorithm
  • Technical SEO:
  • On-page Optimization
  • Voice Search

As per your question, here I have mentioned the 2018 approach ways to SEO for your reference: 

  • Website Structure
  • Use of Headers & sub-headers
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Building
  • Voice search
  • Optimizing with AMP
    Content quality
  • User Experience

The content quality, user experience, and voice search are the major change in 2019 SEO. I recommend to you, you have to consider the 2019 SEO ways, For that, don’t avoid the 2018 strategy. It will help your business growth. 

I have explained from my knowledge, If you need more information about the New ways to approach SEO in 2019 Visit here

Thank you.

on January 28, 2019

Thank you for you explanation i thing i get my answer and more  information thank you so mach.

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