QA – Essential steps to take control of your online reputation

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Hello Guys,

Ready to start to know regarding the Essential steps to take control of your online reputation. so please to raise your question to here.

If you have any doubts about this topic. Let me know I’ll clarify on the presentation.

Thank you

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Hey ,

I know the Online Reputation is not easy and overnight task. Instead of that, it will work out if we have a well-executed strategy plan and a proper/daily maintenance. Based on this point, Do you have any better strategic plan for managing or Developing a personal brand? The problem is, always we do not depend on others if it’s an urgent or anything, So, If you can suggest me some hints, I will go through it further. 

Thanks in advance!

on December 11, 2018


Regarding my topic, you asked, “how to develop your personal brand?”
I explained the about that. You need to focus on many things for a personal brand development.

1. Find your uniqueness
2. Sharpen your uniqueness
3. Identify your followers
4. you need to understand your followers need
5. Collect the target followers
6. You want to give the trust to followers 

Please focus on these things  you’ll develop your personal brand

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As we all know clearly, nowadays consumers are check the brand online first then they choose to purchase. so for that, what are online reputation management trends are we need to consider in 2019?

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Nowadays search engine is working with AI technology (artificial intelligent).

1. We want to focus on the AI technology
2. Search engine guide and updates

social media and video marketing will impact the brand reputation to 2019. So be trust to our customers and we need to know the customer need.

If we focus the customer need, We can get good reviews among the people.

Thank you

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