QA – 5 ways to build a better reputation online with reviews

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I’m going to present about “5 ways to build a better reputation online with reviews” If you have any questions about this. please raise your questions here.

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1 on January 22, 2020

Hey Sritharan,

Can you please explain to me what are the factors we really need to consider before we get into how to actually manage the website reputation and How we can establish an online reputation?

on January 30, 2020

Hi negetha,

If you are the new online business person, It’s hard to get good reputation and customer to your website. So You need to Expand your presence on the online platforms. You can’t just rely on one platform for ratings and reviews. Your customers have different preferences for researching brands. here I mention some points to Improve Your reputation whith reviews.


1) Create GMB account to the proper way :- If you create the GMB account is an easy way to increase visibility in local search results. gain reviews and provide context for potential customers that will be help to you for gain trust to your website.


2) Engage:- Don’t leave without reply to the reviews for your website or service. users aren’t just reading reviews they also read businesses’ responses to reviews.


3) Reach for the stars :- If you have more than 4 stars rate for your businesses, more than 78% of Consumers are feel to confident for purchase your product or service.


4) Ask your customers for reviews:- It’s not a shame in the race, Getting more positive reviews is simple If you ask your customers for reviews. 77% of consumers are willing to write an online review if asked. that will be help to optimize or improve your service and product quality.


5) manage multi platform in one tool:-
Maintaining multi website reviews for your website that will be difficult! their are online tools are available in the internet for Maintaining your website reviews that will be help to reduce your valuable time.


If you are following these things that will be help to manage your online reputation. If you have any doubts about these things ask me.

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