Photoshop or illustrator are good for banner design?

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Photoshop or illustrator are good for banner design? what are the reason for choose that.
suggest your opinion.

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Good Question !!! It always depends on the content of the banners. First, you need to know the tools.

Photoshop is Pixel based software

Pixel is a basic logical unit in digital graphics, likes Photos, video, text. there are tons of pixel is a photo. if you want to edit a photo or pixel based file JPG, TIF, PNG, GIF, and RAW, you can edit via Photoshop.

If you want to edit large photos or background works you can use photoshop.

Illustrator is Vector based software

Curve based graphics are doing via Illustrator. like Logos, Icons, elements, and shapes. if you want to do lines works you can use Illustrator software.

In my design perspective when I come to the banners design photoshop and illustrator are important to banner designs because if want to edit your photo in your banner, yes, of course, you can use photoshop. It’s a very easy tool for pixel works.

If you want to edit shapes, logos, texts, links works in your banner, you just use illustrator.


The conclusion is the tools depends on the content. so both tools need to banners designs works.

on September 14, 2018

Form your Point I hope both are best.

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My suggestion both help with the banner design. but you asked which one best for banner design. your tool depends on your content example you have to create graphics banner that time Illustrator best for your design but you have to create banner without graphics that time Photoshop best because you have easy to use and you can consume your time. my conclusion is both tools are best.

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