Most of the people fail to achieve their goals, why?

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Actually, the Setting and achieving goals is not easy, why many people fail in their goals. there are some reasons. why did we fail? we need to ask this question our self. when we realized it from our end, then only we can achieve our goals. So in order to really achieve something, you need a concrete your goal, I recommended you to set a SMART goal, this is a good one. what do you think guys?

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1 on June 25, 2019
Hello Nigetha,
Yes you’re correct, first, we should select the SMART Goal and plan for that. Here I have listed some points to archive their goals, 
  • Next one is they should believe their goals and abilities, Self believes is important 
  • They need to work for that 
  • Don’t give the excuses to archive the goals 
  • Don’t get the distracted in your mind just avoid it.
  • The last one, once they get the failure to archive them goals, don’t stop the efforts.
Once they follow the steps they can archive their goals, share your thoughts! 
on June 25, 2019
The last one, once they get the failure to archive them goals, don’t stop the efforts.From Dayanthiny

Yes, actually this is very important for all of us. most of them thinking like we already achieved the target, then why we need to give more effort. but that concept is totally wrong in my point of view. whatever the target we achieved, we don’t stop our efforts. 

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1 on June 26, 2019

Hell Nigetha,

Most people set goals that are not motivating them to work so they give up very soon and here are some of the other reasons why people fail to achieve their goals.

  • They have self-doubts in their ability
  • They give too many excuses
  • They are not committed to their goals
  • They have so many other distractions

PS: you are right Setting Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely goals (SMART) goals help us to achieve our goals easily.

on June 26, 2019
They give too many excuses
From Abirika

Yes, I agreed your point

There are people always asking so many excuses, They already fixed in their mind, we have another excuse and another excuse ….. that’s the main reason they are unable to achieve their goals. when they eliminate that kind of mindset, they can be achieved at least their small goals. Do you think the mindset is not supported to them?

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