Mention it your Best Friend name? Tell about them?

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2 on August 31, 2018

My bestie name Lux,I love her so much. she is my childish friend.there was no limit to the pitfalls we had joined together.we’re the one who has hit the school she is studying at the Moratuwa university. i am studying in the same field as the pvt.  let’s call a video once a week. too much we are talking to the topic of  fashion. lets say a lot about her.  now i think this is enough. tell about your best friend?

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1 on August 31, 2018

    My best friend name is Kirshantha. He knows about me very well. and I know well about him. he is a good wellwisher also. when I feel alone, on that time, if he called me, Automatically I will get up without any further distractions. because of his care and love. So much of love and care he gave me. Still, I’m getting from him. he only knows who I’m. The same kinda symptoms having my friend also. that’s our relationship. But I proudly say, our friendship is the best in the world. Anyone can’t break our friendship. If anyone brainwashes us, definitely they will get a blam from each side.

Kirshantha is (my blood relation and the sweet person) my Anna and true friend in my life. He is my world and everything 🙂 I pray with God to give the full blessing to him.

on September 23, 2018

wow..! he is lucky . god bless both of you.

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