LinkedIn Tip: Adjusting your brand by adding MEDIA to the new Featured section

Updated on May 14, 2020 in Social Media
3 on May 5, 2020

How many of you know about the Featured section on your Linkedin page? 

Check your linked-In page under the “add profile sections” or under your About section for Featured 

1️ Add media, links, articles and posts

2️ Use media that addresses your audience’s Point of Pain

3️ Delete nonrelevant media

4 Arrange media in the order YOU want people to see

Just try and improve and Adjusting your brand more professional.

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2 on May 6, 2020

Yes, ,

In the LinkedIn Featured section, we can showcase our work samples, the article that we published on LinkedIn or our self-authored posts that we are proud of. This featured section helps us to showcase our skills and talents to our fellow LinkedIn users that can help us to enhance our career growth.

on May 9, 2020

Yes, you’re right. we can see the following sections under the LinkedIn Featured section, Have you noticed that?

on May 14, 2020

Yes, ,

I’ve noticed these options. It’s really helpful for us to showcase our multi types of works in different formats.


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