Is there any possibility to add the no-follow attribute on the Wix site?

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Hello Friend,

I need to add the no-follow attribute to the social links on the Wix site. I try to add the no-follow link but I could find any options on it. Is there any possibility to add the no-follow attribute on the Wix? please share with me.

Thank you.

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0 on May 24, 2019

Currently, it is not possible, Because, Wix doesn’t provide built-in support for no-follow links at the moment. they may add this feature later. but you can add the no-follow to blog posts.

Here you can learn how to do it:

  • Go to your blog post editor in Wix.
  • Start writing whatever you want.
  • To add a no-follow external link to your post, simply switch to HTML code editor box by clicking on </> HTML.
  • Now add your links manually by using HTML <a> tag.
  • Please see the example below: 

If you are adding this code, it will hopefully make those links as no-follow. Finally, you can check the no-follow by using inspect element tool in your browser.

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0 on May 27, 2019

Hello ,

You are correct, I was in doubt, is there any options to add the No-follow attribute? Now I’m clear, Thank you so much for your full explanation 🙂

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