Is Social Bookmarking really help to rank in 2019?

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4 on June 20, 2019

Currently, I’m researching social bookmarking methods, tricks and hints. While my analysing most of them are saying that, through the SBM particular website will get good traffic and it helps to boost SEO.

But recently (June 1st) search engine journal post one article regarding the SBM.

Now I’m confused. Is Social Bookmarking really help to rank in 2019?

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2 on July 2, 2019

Hi ,

According to my analysis, social bookmarking is one of the Intermittent strategies, I’m not saying it’s outdated. It was thought of back in 1996 with the launch of The concept of this link was tagged with the relevant keywords and listed on different online bookmarking sites that mean which managed the bookmarking services, where users can search for the particular link based on the keywords. This actually helped a lot of websites to build relevant links, increase the website traffic, increase discoverability and even grow-up the businesses. But it’s not workout in 2019. Nowadays, very few users only use their personal bookmarking portals for bookmarking their favorite list of sites. yes, of course, it might help us to get the PA&DA, but it will not bring any value for our brand or business. 

If you are ok with that, you can use the following sites.

Some good bookmarking sites

– StumbleUpon
– Pinterest
– Google Bookmarks
– Reddit
– Scoopit

Note this point: As per John Muller point, If we are going to use the social bookmarking sites, the links don’t work to improve rankings. because of Google ignores those links. so better we can go fo the next strategy.

what do you think about my point?

on July 3, 2019

Hello Nigetha,

So your final point, we can skip this SBM strategy. right?

so better we can go fo the next strategy.From Nigetha

Do you have any better strategy for this current year?

on July 3, 2019
So your final point, we can skip this SBM strategy. right?
From Thusha

Think about why we are using this kind of strategies? In order to improve the ranking right? so we should follow the Google guideline, John Muller said Google ignores those links, then how we can use this strategy. We can’t immediately stop this but we have to wait for another confirmation from them, then only we can move further.

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0 on July 3, 2019

Still yes, but makesure you are posting in the relevant, quality sites in an appropriate methods rather blasting on scuttle sites with promotion based title, tags.

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