If my website included for google sandbox how can I recover my website?

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Anyone know why the website is included for google sandbox, how can I recover my website please tell me.

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Hello ,

First of all, you need to understand what is the meaning of Google Sandbox? It’s not a penalty and filter that Google places on new sites that have overoptimized the website’s content and the that have way too many backlinks from the day when the site was indexed on Google. if it identifies from the search engine, the particular site will go on the sandbox.

There are some ways to avoiding to placed in the Google Sandbox:

Create high quality content on topics related to your business niche.

Avoid to buy or acquire a large number of backlinks in a short time period.

Don’t over-optimize your content.

Focus on the keyword density – If you have 1 000 word article – your focus keyword shouldn’t appear more than 5 to 20 times.

The solution is you need to disavow harmful backlinks. after that, you have to re-index get Google to re-crawl your page.

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