How we can fix Drupal core issues easily?

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5 on April 20, 2019

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I wanna know¬†How we can fix Drupal core issues easily? I’m not familiar with Drupal site, that’s why I unable to update the code, can anyone please let me know if we update the core, what will happen? the site will be crash or we can move further without any errors? it would be a great help if anyone clarifies in this regard.


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4 on April 20, 2019

Hello ,

From my personal experience, I already updated my sample site there are no issues found my site working properly. First backup your all data properly. You can use Backup Migrate Module for backup and then try it.

on April 20, 2019

, Thank you so much for your response, Currently running the 7 versions of Drupal to my website and most of the modules are the same version but recently I noticed Drupal 8 series is available. If I upgrade the code to the latest version, what will happen on the modules?

on April 22, 2019

You will have to upgrade your modules to their Drupal 8 version. Here I mention a link, Please check it

on May 10, 2019

Thanks a lot, ,

Let me check it out this source and get back to you if there any further assistance.

on May 11, 2019

It’s my pleasure.

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