How to write title tags for SEO?

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What are the things we need to consider when we write title tags to our website for SEO. Do you know about that please share your thoughts here.

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When you are going to write meta tags for any website, you should know the search engine characters limit. Because Google normally displays only 50-60 characters of a title tag, So I  recommend you to limit the title tags NOT more than 70 characters and make sure avoid special characters and stop words from the webpage title, description tags. (You can always add special characters if you are focusing on user-level conversion rather than search engine compliance) Same goes to meta description. Google normally displays only 150-160 characters of a description tag.

You can use the following formula

CMS based sites: Main KW + Secondary KW+ Long Tail KW + Brand Name
Static sites: Brand Name + Main KW + Secondary KW + Long Tail KW

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