How to use disavow technique in a right way?

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Hi Friends,
I have been doing the disavow process for the past six months, but the penalty has not been revoked. I have analyzed the problem, but I am unable to reach out for a concrete reason and solution. Please help guys if you have any better solution for this. What am I missing?

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#mayura,Nothing hard, but simple..
You need to follow the steps exactly which have been instructed by google. I found, in some cases, google is playing with webmasters :). I’m on the research regarding that. I will post here once I finalized my research with the evidence.

Meant time you can learn the factors in the following post which as been published by our writer #Piyush


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Let me explain about my research regarding disavows process:

Google showing like the Reconsideration requests are reviewed by human.
According to my research, it is NOT like that!.

One of my domain received Google penalty:

I have done the following steps 4 times: (My site has only around 300 backlinks)

  • Analyzed the back link profile
  • Created the disavow file with the bad links after contacted the site owners for the manual removal.
  • Upload the disavow file
  • Submitted the reconsideration request letter to google via Webmaster tool

Firstly, I uploaded the disavow file and submitted the reconsideration request letter on 14th June 2016 according to Google’s guide lines“. Then, I received the following reply from google on 18th June 2016.

After this, I checked in My manual action message: It displayed like  below.

Then I have rechecked the back link profile again, uploaded the disavow file and submitted the reconsideration request letter on 6th July 2016. But again it was rejected by google with the same message which was already received from google on my first rejection date.

Then I suspected and sent the following letter. By asking some help or suggestions from google  on 15th July 2016.

What happened ??? 🙂 🙂 🙂

They didn’t answer to my questions and sent me the  same automated reply like below.

Conclusion : ???

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