How we can speed up our Website?

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Users usually consider in time. When the website does take more time to load, the users leave out from the website. They won’t wait for the website loading time. If I want to increase the website loading speed, what are the factors we need to consider? Please explain to me.

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Hi ,If you really want to speed up your website, you need to focus on some important things I have mentioned some of the things here,

01)  Server
     1. Leverage browser caching
     2. Enable Keep-Alive
     3. Enable gzip compression
     4. Make landing page redirects cacheable
     5. Use a CDN
02)  Content elements
     1. Minimize redirects
     2. Remove query strings from static resources
     3. Specify a character set
     4. Minify your codes
     5. Avoid bad requests
     6.Serve resources from a consistent URL
03)  CSS, JS and Images
     1. Specify image dimensions
     2. Optimize images
     3. Put CSS at the top and JS at the bottom

When I read this MOZ article I got more tips to speed up a website, Here I shared the article for your reference

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0 on June 4, 2019

Hi Thushi,

Page speed is a ranking factor in search results. If you want to speed up your website. I have mention here some tips.

01. Optimize Your Images.
02. Do a Plugin Purge.
03. Ensure Your Site Scripts Are Up to Date.
04. Make Use of Content delivery Networks.
05. Enable Browser Caching.
06. Reduce Http Requests.
07. Upgrade Your Web Hosting.

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