How to fix Optimize images, Serve scaled images and Defer parsing of JavaScript?

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Hello Guys,

I going to speed-up my website. When I check my speed using GTMetrix. I got these types of errors Optimize images, Serve scaled images, and Defer parsing of JavaScript. So I searched and found these ideas.

1. Optimize images.

Under this, I going to compress my image size. Select compressible images and using these online tools (,, to compress the size of my image without losing image quality. Then I need to upload compressed images.

2. Serve scaled images

Under this, I going to scale my images as per my site required. For example, a car image section size is 69×51 but I have added the image with 296×222 size, so I need to resize in HTML or CSS from 296×222 to 69×51. (I going to use this online tool to resize  images

3. Defer parsing of JavaScript.

Under this, Defer Parsing of JavaScript can be defined as the process of using defers attribute with JavaScript to avoid render blocking of the first paint of the web page. So if I defer parsing of JavaScript that means JavaScript should load, only after the meaningful content of the website has loaded. I going to add my scripts like this method



add this code on my index page footer section.

I think this is the best solution but If anyone please check and let me know you have any best ideas better than this. 

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