How to boost our brand awareness on social media platforms?

Updated on April 11, 2020 in Social Media
2 on April 11, 2020

In this quarantine time, most people are spending their time on social media. I think this is a good time to increase our brand awareness. So, if we need to boost our brand value and awareness, we can move to some new ways to implement at this time. I already have some plan. But, if you guys have any other great ways, please share with me. That will help me and others too.

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First of all, if you think like others need to consider you as a brand, then you should be specialized in specific fields to represent you to others. Consider the following points which i mentioned according to my knowledge.

  1. Study your self, where you are and what is your capacity, knowledge-base and how you can represent or help/lead others with your capacity.
  2. Collect the evidence/supporting sources to show your capacity. eg: write the examination in your specialized fields and get certifications. This will help you to display in professional channels like linkedin.
  3. Find the famous/trending social media channels ( if you need to increase your brand awareness only within the professionals, then choose linkedin, if you need to increase your brand awareness generically, then use facebook, instagram)  and register on them with your fully filled data. And do the branding activities with professional editing such are profile pic, timeline, adding contact detail & other personal data and skills.
  4. Give higher priority to connect with the people who are specialized in the same field which you are specialized in. 
  5. Post on the channels regularly ( generic things, the things related to your specialization)
  6. Engage with other’s posts professionally. They should satisfy with your comments and answers.

Hope the above points will help

on April 11, 2020

#Kokul, If we focus on the self-branding, your points are very valuable. But now my concern is this right time to focus on the company branding?

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