How can we create ourselves better?

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Mostly every people like to make their life better but they don’t know how can create that. So here I suggest some tips create their life better.

  • Compliment Yourself
  • Don’t Make Excuses
  • Let Go of Anger
  • Practice Forgiveness
  • Be Honest and Direct
  • Be Helpful
  • Listen to Others
  • Always Be Polite
  • Be Yourself
  • Be Respectful
  • Educate Yourself and etc.

you guys also share your opinion here.

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Hello Kuberaga 
My Opinion is 

  1. Never stop learning. Learn something new every day. 
  2. Do something different.
  3. Unmercifully pursue your dreams.
  4. Compete against people better than you. 
  5. Give yourself too little time. 
  6. Remove interruptions. 
  7. Set goals. 
  8. Say no. 

Hope Its useful Tips for every one.

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