How can I increase my E-A-T (Expertise-Authority-Trust) score to my website?

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What are the ways we can do to increase our website A-T score and what are the major points we need to consider for that. Do you know about that please share your thoughts here.

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E-A-T Which means Expertise, Authority and Trust. Did you know why Google focusing this metric? Because this matric helps to google judge the page quality.

Therefore, If you want to improve your ranking and get more traffic, to your website then you should pay sincere attention to your website’s Expertise, Authority and Trust. In order to improve your website’s E-A-T, there are no direct ways. But have some ideal ways and ideas to improve the E-T-A.

  • From your blog post maintain the good bylines:

Byline is just a line giving the name of the reporter or writer of the news/story. check the below image you can easily understand what is the byline.

From your byline, you can include the following factors.
Author name
Social proof
Author photo

  • Create good author pages:

If you published one post under the one author, there is no sense to attract the readers. If the readers need to interact with your post, then add more blogs/ article under the one author.

  • Get links from relevant high-authority domains:
  • Manage your online reputation:

Hope you got my points. if you need any further points, please ask me.

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