Effective Tips to Create SEO-Friendly PDFs

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1 on September 22, 2020

Looking for ways to create PDFs that get higher ranking in search engines? Here are the effective tips to create SEO-friendly PDFs that will help you to generate more organic traffic from search engines. Continue your reading to get to know those effective tips.

  • Compress and reduce your PDF files size
  • Use keyword-rich names for your PDF files
  • Include more text content in your PDF
  • Use relevant Heading Tags for the PDFs
  • Add Alt text for the images in your PDFs
  • Use Readable Language in your PDFs
  • Add optimized Title Tags for the PDFs
  • Add Meta description for your PDFs
  • Do Internal Linking in your PDFs
  • Make your PDF files mobile-friendly
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0 on October 14, 2020

Several ways to optimize PDF for SEO:

  • Written content.
  • Add an optimized title.
  • Add description of optimization.
  • Use the relevant file name.
  • Include image alt attributes.
  • Use headings.
  • Include links.
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