Do you know How to Structure Your Content to Get Featured Snippets?

Updated on January 31, 2020 in General Discussion
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There are a lot of things consistently changing when it comes to the Featured Snippets, there are secret to getting featured snippets, In order to get that, you need to know How to Structure Your Content to Get Featured Snippets, 

Here are a few suggestions to get optimize your contents :

  • Plan posts in FAQ style, so that you can maximize the usage of question form keywords.
    Include a how-to section on your website.
  • Structure your content in the form of short paragraphs, each having a question form subheading, with a long-tail keyword included.
  • Based on the topic you’re covering, maximize the use of these content styles:

      – Tables
      – Bullet points
      – Numbered lists
      – Charts
      – Steps
      – Images

If you are following the above point, you can get your content in Google SERP’s Featured snippets.

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