Do you know about Omnichannel Marketing?

Updated on May 21, 2020 in Marketing
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With the introduction of new terms and trends in digital marketing. We can easily be lost and confused each term with another. So, today I’d like to talk about Omnichannel Marketing. Omnichannel Marketing is the marketing concept of using all of your marketing channels to provide a unified experience for your customers and potential customers. In simple words, Omnichannel marketing builds a consistent message delivery system that alters messages based on your customers’ behavior through your different sales funnel which offers the exclusive personalized experience for your customers.


There are lots of omnichannel marketing samples out there, So, today, let’s check out one example for eCommerce omnichannel marketing:

  • A buyer signs up for your email notification, and also pick to receive SMS messages
  • First, you send a welcome message to the potential customer /buyer with the discount via SMS with a follow-up email.
  • The customer comes back your website and browses through your site, signing up for push notifications, but not purchase anything.
  • Then the customer clicks on a retargeting ad sent to them through email and comes back to your website, also adding some products to their shopping cart.
  • A cart abandonment message was sent to the customer via email that made them revisit their cart
  • The customer completes their purchase on your site and signs up for receiving updates through Facebook Messenger
  • Product Order and shipping confirmation updates are sent to the customer via Facebook Messenger


From there, any of the above-used channels could be used again to bring the customer back in for repeat purchases.


Hope this above explanation gives you an idea about Omnichannel Marketing. If you want to learn more about Omnichannel Marketing, feel free to ask your questions in the comments below!

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