Benefits of Blog Commenting Links

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Active blog commenting is important beyond SEO.We do the blog commenting in link building SEO. What benefits do you get from this to your website?

    • More traffic to your website

If this is your goal, your best bet is to comment on blogs that get a lot of traffic and are in your industry or niche.

    • Reputation building

You can use blog comments to build your personal brand. Just be sure to use your real name and an image of yourself if the blog allows it for your profile. If you’re using anchor text or keywords as your name, you’re doing blog commenting completely wrong.

    • Expert positioning

People will get to know who you are as you prove your expertise on relevant topics. You can achieve this by lending a helping hand or just agreeing with someone.

    • Building inbound links

If you take the time to comment on two blog posts per day, with a backlink back to your website , the end result will be almost 60 backlinks per month, or 720 per year.

    • Leads and conversions.

If you can attract more visitors to your site, you can potentially convert them from visitors into leads. And those leads could turn into customers or clients and actual revenue. Check out this post for more.

When we do the blog commenting, if we consider these points, we will get positive results.

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