Anyone know the meaning of ” Seppuku”

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While browsing the internet I came across the word ” Seppuku. I found out that it is the Japanese word for ” Ritual Suicide” committed by ancient Samurais of Japan, but I could not research in depth about this.

Can anyone clarify me about this so called ” Seppuku”?


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1 on October 12, 2016

#Gauthamann, according to what I have read, it is a form of “ritual Suicide” as you have mentioned in your question. It is like an honor code for a samurai to kill himself.  If a Samurai knows that he is going to fall in enemies hand, he would kill himself. Or, if a Samurai has done a serious offense or feels that he has brought shame to himself, he would kill himself (more often by slicing his abdomen open.)

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Thank you #yathusha, yes as you have mentioned it was done as a ritual, where the particular samurai would wear white robes and slice his abdomen open, at the same time another one will behead him to prevent the pain and suffering he will endure.

This was done only when the samurai has lost his honor in any way ( even losing his sword somewhere was included.)

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