Announcing mobile first indexing for the whole web!

Updated on March 18, 2020 in Google
2 on March 11, 2020

Google already started to working on the mobile-first indexing process, which means 70% of sites already shifted to the mobile-first indexing. the remaining 30% of sites only need to be pending. According to Google, coming September onwards we’ll be shifting to the mobile-first indexing for all our websites. I hope this is a great chance to see how the web has grown from the desktop to mobile. 


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1 on March 18, 2020

, It’s quite interesting news, but can you please advise me where we can check our website has been switched to mobile-first indexing or not yet?

on March 18, 2020

, Great question, We have the option to check this from Google search console. every website will receive the notification like this, please check the below snapshot to get to know in the viewpoint:

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