7 Ways to Deal with Manipulative People

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Hello fellows!

We all have negative people in our life. they always criticize others and they will affect you if they are around you. it depends on where the manipulation is coming from. Go to the cause. then avoid them slowly. that will be great. I think once you identified a person to be this way, the main challenge is how you Ignore them, for that, here are some hints to get to know! If you really want to cut them out of your life, Please read this blog and get some idea how to deal with them.

Source:  Manipulative People

Be Strong Yourself – Manipulation only works that far as YOU allow them!

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1 on February 5, 2019

Thank for sharing this blog post with us
As you said we all are surrounded by both positive and negative minded people and we should learn to ignore them mentally then only we can lead a peaceful life. We can’t avoid them but we can ignore them.

on February 6, 2019
We can’t avoid them but we can ignore them.From Abirika

Yes, You’re right . if we really want to achieve our Goal, we should focus only on the goal instead of listening to the Manipulative People feedback. their intention is to push down our self, if we wait and listen to their words, definitely, we can’t do any single task. To avoid this, we want to ignore them, that’s a better solution. Sometimes, we have to be straightforward. you do not tolerate them, tell them straightly and go away 🙂

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