7 Best Alt Text Practices to Follow

Updated on November 11, 2020 in General Discussion
1 on November 5, 2020

Alt-text is also known as “alt attributes” or “alt tags” are used within an HTML code to describe an image on a webpage. It’s one of the important SEO factors to boost your search engines rankings. So, here are some best alt text practices to follow.

1) Describe the image specifically
2) Keep it short (fewer than 125 characters)
3) Use your keywords in the alt text
4) Avoid keyword stuffing
5) Don’t use your images as text
6) Don’t add “image of,” “picture of,” etc. in the alt text
7) Don’t forget longdesc attribute

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0 on November 11, 2020
  • Describe the image and specify it.
  • Keep the alternate text less than 125 characters.
  • Do not jump directly to the description of the picture with the alternative text starting with “picture of …” or “picture of
  • Use your keywords, but be careful.
  • Don’t cram keywords into the alternate text of each image.
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