12 Smart Techniques to Improve Your Organic CTR

Updated on November 9, 2020 in General Discussion
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Improving your organic click-through-rate (CTR) is one of the best approaches to get more organic traffic. So here are the 12 smart techniques to improve your organic CTR. Boost your organic CTR and traffic with these smart techniques.

1) Find Out Your Lowest Organic CTR Content So You Know Where to Begin.
2) Fix If You Have Any Keyword Cannibalization Issues
3) Write Attractive Titles for Your Content
4) Add Descriptive URLs for Your Webpages
5) Well-Optimize Your Meta Description
6) Leverage Structured Markup
7) Use PPC Ads for Organic CTR
8) Grab People’s Attention with Emotions
9) Use Positive or Negative Sentiment in Your Content
10) Use Title Case to Draw Attention
11) Optimize Your Content for Featured Snippets
12) Speed Up Your Page Load Time

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