RE: Why Voice search will influence over SEO In 2020?

We are in end of this year, so Most of the people are now searching for ways to optimize the online platforms for voice search. because of the Voice search is really important in coming years. There are specific methods available to optimize the voice search. Did anyone know about that?

From Nigetha

Yeah, there are some hints in when we focus on the voice search. use these below hints for your voice search optimization,


01) Make your website load speed very quickly – mainly voice search refer your website load is very quickly. According to the recent analysis, the average voice search result page loads in 4.36 sec. So you have to increase or ensure your page or website speed.


02) Make your site on mobile-friendly: Voice searches started and happening over mobile devices. 


03) Ensure your content is optimized: Voice searches are encouraging the long tails keywords and the way that you speak. As usually we are using short and keywords on our traditional search on web or mobile. For example, we could type “top web design companies” into Google. but if we are using voice search, we might say “Who are the top web design companies in the world?” therefore ensure your content is optimized along with long tails keywords.


04) Focus on Google’s featured snippet: 40% of Google Home results come from the featured snippet. because it gives quick and summary answers from webpages. Voice searches are getting accurate results from Google featured snippet mostly.


05) The Local search: Mostly peoples are using the voice search for finding local information (Directions). Hence, voice search makes these “near me” searches faster and easier for the user. Therefore, you have to optimize your contents on your local search as well. 


Mainly, you have to focus on the above hints to optimize your voice search and improve your results through voice searches. Meantime, if you have any ideas or suggestion share it here.

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