RE: Why do we like to use photoshop?

Photoshop is very easy and quick to edit your photos. now let me come to your point, yes, of course, I’m also using canva it’s also an easy way, here we can find more feature and layouts to design if you haven’t any ideas in your mind, the canva will easily give you amazing free templates to create the designs and you can simply edit the photos.

how can I create good quality images? Could you please share your ideas here.From Jayanthan

You have to follow the below things:
1) Use the right dimensions – First you have choose the right dimensions which kind of images you want like facebook cover image or any other.
2) Facebook compresses images and Use high-resolution images – you can get the free images on canva, if you have any pic on your system, you can upload that image and input on your selected page which is you set the dimension.
3) Design fundamentals – You can get it from canva with free version and premium version.
4) Canva updates – this tool will give us the latest version for us, we can simply update and get more features.

who doesn’t have the proper designing skill, they can be able to create the quality design from this tool, Please let me know if you have any questions!

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