RE: What is the meaning of Toxic links in SEO?

Hello Kuberaga!

You said Toxic backlinks are the unnatural links. Correct

1) How are Toxic Backlinks Created and How Would I Know if I have Toxic Backlinks?

  • Suddenly website SERP rank drop
  • Quickly indexing huge backlinks on the website.
  • Unnatural way to get the backlinks
  • Blackhat method
  • Hide the links from Google
  • Google’s Penguin update said about that. If you need, Please read about that algorithm.

2) Why is it important to remove toxic backlinks?
Toxic backlinks are harming the search rankings of a website. If the website face this problem SERP rank will drop. this is going continuously traffic will drop as well. Google penalized the site from its search engine.

3) How to Remove Toxic Links? could anyone please clarify to me?
Google has the way to upload the disavow for that links.
Disavow mean “google doesn’t consider disavow file links”
We can upload the disavow file to Google. If we use this way, websites health is good

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