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Nowadays people using the internet for online purchasing, online banking like day to day activities. During this process, we might transfer our personal, sensitive data to the web site. When a web page asks sensitive information like your bank account details, credit card number, your password, etc., it is must you might be aware of the security status of the site. This is very important as online fraud cases have to go to arise now.

While you are viewing data in a web site the information transmits as “plain text” simply we can say the way what we can read it, but the important aspect is to reach the destination this information must trace through from many computers. This is a big deal, think that you sending your personal data which everybody can read it as it is through many computers. So what will be the result? People might misuse your sensitive data and do online transactions as you do and you might lose your money and some times you might have to face for a lot of legal issues. For secure transmission data must be encrypted that’s meanwhile the transmission the others can’t read your data. So for this process, Secure Socket Layer(SSL) was created. A web page with an active SSL session we can identify as a secure web site, basically, all the web sites which request you to fill the sensitive information should be secured using SSL.

That is something would similar to http://www… I just want to make your attention about “HTTP”, while you are entered to the page which requests your sensitive data; the URL will change for “https”. That’s mean the information which you typed will be encrypted before sent to the destination.

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