RE: What are some psychological facts that people avoid lovable persons?

Every human likes one person without any reasons.

It is not like that. If someone likes or love a person there is something special in them. Go deep, you can feel that.
but at the same time, they will suddenly avoid them without saying any reasons. 

If we get avoided by the person we love the most can disturb us to the core, That gives more pain and we cannot act normal. Three major reasons the person you love the most avoid are;
1.The person hate us
2.The person got hurt by us
3.They might have found another important person than us

But, the very ridiculous moment is leaving us without saying a single reason. We cannot think anything or move forward if we faced this situation in our life. On this time, our past moments will surround our heart and mind. The single moment directly remembers the past, which we did with that beloved person. when you listen to a song the mind and heart will say that was written for us. We cannot drive our life or do any new thing. Completely we will change our life into another path. we will start living without happiness and every time we will feel we lost someone from our life.

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