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Yes, this is one of the web analytics tool and it provides the detailed report about your website and helps to gather & analyse the information about your visitors such as conversation rates, Goals tracks, search engine and keywords and etc…I hope, You know there are many web analytics tools in online but we are using some of them from there. For example, Google Analytics, Woopra, Kissmetrics, Webtrends and etc..The Matomo tool also included in this category. Earlier this tool called as “Piwik” but not it’s called “Matomo”.

Why the peoples are loving this tool?
Actually, this tool is leading open source web analytics software. It’s running our server, not the remotely hosted services like Google Analytics, Adobe analytics and the same time it’s running in your server so you can fully control your data.

Matomo having some features apart from other tools (Not much more) and also they are giving the full-time support.

Based on their benefits and features, now more than one million websites in 200 countries using this software. Please visit their FAQ section and you will get more information about this tool.

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